About Us

Welcome to Garage Door Parts Online!

Garage Door Parts Online (GDPO) is a division of Glideaway Garage Door Systems, a family business with over 35 years of experience of serving the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors with a wide range of garage door solutions. With such experience in the garage door industry, we know a bit about garage doors and what they require for repairs and maintenance. So here is Garage Door Parts Online – our latest solution, aimed directly at practically bringing garage door parts to you!

GDPO are the one and only online door parts store that are able to offer end users, serviceman and DIY’ers the widest range of garage door hardware and parts available in New Zealand for any Sectional and Tilt Garage Doors. Garage Door Parts Online is set up to give customers ‘fast and easy access’ to our wide range of parts and hardware for garage doors.

Ordering parts online, or needing help with any garage door issues or you have a door enquiry, we are here to help.

Look forward to working with you!