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The newest and simplest way of opening your garage door has arrived – the Merlin MyQ Connected Home system!

With the modern Connected Home system, Merlin allows you to have complete control over your garage doors, at any time, anywhere. The new MyQ system connects your opener to your phone, tablet, or computer. This means you truly have remote control of your garage door. With the MyQ system, you can open and close your door with ease, receive notifications about your door, set times when you want to open/close your door, and more! As a result, the MyQ openers are the most technologically advanced automatic garage door openers Merlin has to offer for their respective ranges. Furthermore, the Merlin MyQ openers are powerful, versatile, energy efficient, and quiet.

Thanks to the free downloadable Merlin MyQ app, smart control of your garage door has never been easier with Merlin. Read more information, details, and FAQ’s about the Connected Home system right here – Merlin MyQ Connected Home

Designed to suit the needs of everyone, the MyQ Connected Home system is currently available in two different automatic openers. For your convenience, Garage Door Parts Online has both on offer for you! 

Modernise your garage doors today! Upgrade or add a MyQ motor to your current garage door setup. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you have control over your door and 24/7 access right from your phone.