If a door is not safe due to broken hardware or it has suffered some damage, this can lead to potentially significant costs to you in the future, should a major door failure occur.

If the hardware on a sectional door is broken, due to rust, damage, wear, and other influences, this could lead to a number of both dangerous and highly impractical outcomes for you. The most common cost as a result of a door failure is the loss of time and productivity. Should a door be broken in your house or your workplace, and is unable to be opened or shut, this could thousands of dollars of productivity lost in downtime. Unfortunately, this happens very often.

A garage door failure can result in serious injuries, as well as large amounts of lost time

More severely, if a door was to fail and fall on someone or expensive property like a car, this can result in significant injuries – potentially even death – and large costs in reparation. This will always result in large costs through ACC, fees, damage repairs, health and safety costs, among many others.

In recent years, we have heard of numerous instances where a door has fallen and resulted in serious injuries, damage to cars and vehicles, and even deaths. Each year in the USA, people are killed by garage doors, mostly young children, both through failure and human error in operation, and thousands are injured. A safe door will prevent you from being one of such a horrific statistic.

Furthermore, should the hardware on a door fail significantly, this can sometimes result in damage that new parts are unable to fix, meaning a complete replacement door is required, usually resulting in higher costs than replacement parts.


Most of the time, should the door fail due to broken hardware which should have been replaced, it is very hard to get insurance coverage to replace these, meaning the cost primarily falls heavily on you.

With Garage Door Parts Online, we are able to provide you with the necessary parts to bring your door up to standard. Consequently, the potential of a door to fail and incur such costs is decreased significantly. Additionally, new to our range are our cable break and spring break safety mechanisms, which can be used to improve the long-term safety of any door, damaged or fully functional. Our huge range of products means a large number of doors, industries, and customers can all be served with the product required for each job.

Furthermore, if your parts, hardware, and door are beyond repair, Garage Door Parts Online parent company Glideaway Garage Doors has a wide range of door options available to meet your needs – for more information, please visit our website.

So why wait until something happens? Make your door safe today to cover yourself for the future.

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